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Residential Playground Swing Parts

Residential swing sets are a classic part of most playground set-ups, as it appeals to a wide range of ages.

From traditional swings to trapeze bars and rings, backyard swing sets can be much more than the old image you might conjure when you hear the term. Swing sets are the backbone of the modern residential playground, including everything from discs to teeter totters.


One of the top reasons to invest in a backyard swing set is the modular nature of its construction. Rather than buying an entire playset, swings can be put together component by component. Rather than dropping big money on heavy duty swing set kits, take the time to shop around and design the swing set of your dreams from scratch.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Swing Seat: Typically, you’re looking for a belt or bucket seat, but there are more variations hitting the market all the time. You may find you want to try a tire swing, a disc swing, or a trapeze-style swing.

  2. Connectors: This is the component that links your seat to the suspension chain and the suspension chain to the hanger. We recommend the Clevis Shackle over the typical S-hooks as it guarantees safety and long-lasting durability

  3. Chain: This is where the fun comes from. A galvanized steel chain is the safest and most cost-efficient method for long-term swing set optimization.

  4. Swing Hanger: This component helps to reduce friction by eliminating contact between the chains and the support rails. We recommend the Clevis Pendulum for maximum safety and range of motion.

Of course, you will need a base structure with a support rail. In the old days, it was common for rope swings to be tied directly to a tree branch. These days, there are far safer (and more fun) options for your kids.


Another main benefit of residential swing sets is the easy maintenance.

The main challenge associated with swing sets upkeep is rust. Galvanized steel and aluminum are exceptionally impervious to rust and decay, and most modern swing sets for sale are going to be made primarily from these materials. For all other types of metal, Zinc additives are a great method for combating rust. Owners of metal swing sets should take additional measures to ensure any moving parts are regularly oiled and greased.

If your backyard playground equipment is wood-based, then you will need to apply extra layers of protective paint, as weather and general exposure will wear upon wooden structures over time.


While the safety regulations for residential swing sets are not nearly as strict and carefully defined as rules for commercial manufacturers, there are still guidelines, presented by the CPSC. that should be taken into account when designing your backyard playscape.

It is advised that swings with limited sideways motion have a lateral use zone of 8”, while swings such as disc swings increase that clearance to 24”. It is also highly recommended that at least 8” is left between the swing seat and the ground surfacing.

On the subject of surfacing, this is one area of focus that many playground designers forget to take into account. If you want to build a fun and safe place for your children, swing sets should be constructed over protective rubber surfacing, such as rubber tiles or poured-in-place.

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