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About Us

SAFETY is the foundation of Safe Guard Surfacing.

How do we offer a better way to play? The answer is quite simple. We meet our primary goal at Safe Guard Surfacing by providing commercial playground safety surfacing solutions that meet the highest safety standards in the United States.


Meeting this goal helps ensure that your purchase lasts many years and maintains a high level of safety for the children and athletes alike. 


By putting an emphasis on our Safety Design, Manufacturing, Permanence, Licenses, Installation, and Education we have been able to build a business model that is responsive to our customers’ needs, enriches communities, and improves the entire industry in the process.


Safe Guard Surfacing is among the leading suppliers of Playground and Athletic outdoor sports surfacing at affordable prices.  We've been providing safety and sports surfacing solutions for 35-years.  We look forward to assisting you with your surfacing request.

Please submit a contact us request and we will begin to service your specific needs.

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