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Leasing & Financing

At Safe Guard Surfacing

We understand that funding is often the most daunting aspect of any project. The truth is, playgrounds involve much more than just equipment costs. Necessities such as shipping, installation, and surfacing are often overlooked, yet are costs that cannot be avoided.

This is why we offer two affordable and easy ways to purchase new equipment:
Financing and Leasing.


If you are working with a limited budget and want to spread project costs out over time, financing is the perfect solution! With financing, your playground continues to grow as you install segments of equipment incrementally, paying for each addition as it’s built. You can have the playground of your dreams completed in as little as 3-5 phases.

Benefits of financing include:

• Flexibility that allows you to pay as you go
• Affordable options that don’t stretch your budget too thin
• New features are added to your playground each year

What type of business can finance?

• All credits will be considered
• Ability to finance start-ups
• Finance almost any type of business:

  • Churches

  • Non-Profits

  • Municipalities

  • Childcare Facilities

  • Home Owner Associations

What equipment can be financed?

• Playground equipment, surfacing, site prep, fencing, and installation

Why is financing my equipment a good idea?

• Simple documentation
• Same-day credit decisions

• No financials required for credit quality businesses up to $150,000

• No collateral required
• Affordable payment terms that range from 12 to 60 months

• 100% financing - one payment for the total project cost

• Payment may be tax-deductible
• Financing your equipment qualifies for Section 179 tax deductions


Do you want to design, build and install your complete playground as quickly as possible? Our leasing partner offers an easy and affordable way to fund your new play area NOW and pay for it over time. You can get the playground you need with a plan that fits your budget!

Our leasing plan provides you with the flexibility and funds needed to get your project started now, with attractive rates, potential tax advantages, and a simple step-by-step application process.

Steps to Leasing Play Equipment


Shop online to find the perfect playground equipment for you!


Submit the inquiry & wait for a representative to reach out.


Once approved, sign the final lease agreement with Marlin.


Receive your brand-new playground equipment and enjoy!


Make affordable monthly payments for your play equipment.

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