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Engineered Wood Fiber

Safe Guard | Engineered Wood    Fiber

Certified & Safe Playground Fiber Wood Fiber




Certified Safe Guard Engineered Wood Fiber or wood chips create a cushion for falls which makes it perfect for use on playgrounds and areas where your children might climb, play or fall.

The fiber is also designed to allow handicap access and wheelchair use, so it truly is suitable for all!


All wood used for Safe Guard Engineered Wood Fiber is 100% new virgin wood.


Technical information:
IPEMA Certified Wood Fiber meets all ASTM, ADA, and CPSC standards at federal, state, and local levels for playground safety so it is perfect for your children at your home.

ASTM compliant standards: F1292 impact absorption, F2075 material purity, and F1951 wheelchair access which means our play fiber wood chips are pure safe wood and helps reduce the risk of injury from falls, and are wheelchair accessible.

When requesting a quote we provide all the necessary information needed to assist you in your decision process.

Wood Fiber Pile Small.jpeg


100% New Virgin Wood

Free of Dirt, Rocks, Metal & Plastic

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