Playground Surfacing Repair


Safety Surfacing Systems are a vital part of any playground environment.  The safety surfacing system is designed to mitigate the Critical Fall Height of a child falling from a playground structure.  This is why Safe Guard Surfacing adheres to the Consumer Product Safety Product Commission Guidelines (CPSC) and ASTM Testing Standard to provide the best safety to any playground. 

Although Poured-In-Place Surfacing is low maintenance, some simple upkeep is sometimes necessary.  We typically see wearing occur in high-traffic areas, such as under swings, at the base of slides, and around any type of spinning equipment.

Over time as your Poured-In-Place system ages, it will need maintenance and repair to maintain its long life-cycle.   It is important to catch and take the necessary steps early enough to avoid costly repair issues down the road. 


At Safe Guard Surfacing we will evaluate your current safety surfacing product maintenance and repair needs; then recommend the best course of action with your budget in mind.  


Our basic maintenance and repair of the Poured-In-Place System are simple:


  1. We will completely clean and remove any debris or loose pieces of the old Poured-In-Place rubber Surfacing.

  2. Our Field Team will remove the existing top layer of the rubber surface.

  3. We'll then mix the closest color match or provide a different color shape to make it look like an intended design.

  4. Finally, we'll patch the new Poured-In-Place surface to make it as good as new! 

At Safe Guard Surfacing, we make Surfaces Childs Play!

Maintenance & Repair

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We Make Surfaces Child's Play

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