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31 Mythical Creatures Used to Scare Children From Around the World

There are far more sinister creatures out there to terrify children into staying in bed than just the boogeyman under the bed or the monster living in the closet. Around the world, parents have employed grotesque and disturbing creatures to spook children into behaving. These boogeyman equivalents dissuade children from wandering into forests, staying out too late after school, peering into wells, or just being brats. These monsters go beyond scary Halloween stories of ghosts, demons, vampires, and werewolves. England’s Black Annis tans the skins of naughty children and wears them around her waist. The Nalusa Falaya from Choctaw mythology slithers like a snake, preying on children who stay out too late. If you dare, scroll through this roster of scary monsters for a creative Halloween costume ideas. Or if you need more scary stories to tell in the dark, read up on the fascinating mythology below the creepy pictures.

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